Clicktonic RCA cable Casual

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RCA audio kabel dari Clictonic.

70377 / casual / 1.0 m

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  • double mono design for clear channel separation
  • 50 Ω defined characteristic impedance
  • 24 carat gold-plated contacts for minimum transmission resistance
Plug material:triple-coated PVC / ABS
Contact material:24-Karat gold plated
Port 1, type:2 x RCA plugs (RCA)
Connector 1, connector length (mm):39,8
Connector 1, connector width (mm):14
Connector 1, connector height (mm):14
Port 2, type:2 x RCA plugs (RCA)
Connector 2, connector length (mm):39,8
Connector 2, connector width (mm):14
Connector 2, connector height (mm):14

Type:Round cable
Length (m):0.5-1-2-3-5-7.5-10-15-20
Inner conductor material:OFC (Oxygen free copper)
Inner conductor diameter (mm):25 x 0,120
Number of shieldings:2 x
Type of 1st shieldingAluminium foil
Type of 2nd shieldingCopper braid 48 wires x 0.12 mm cross section
Outer sheath material:highly elastic PVC
Outer sheath diameter (mm):7,5
Kink protection:on both sides

Signal transmission
Transmission modes:analog audio signals
max. Bandwidth (MHz):10
Capacitance (pF):155
Characteristic impedance (Ω):50

Operating temperature from / to (°C):

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-10 / +80

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