Chord HDMI Advance cable

Kabel HDMI yang elok.
dari British.

bagus,berkualiti, cantik.

High Speed HDMI cabel with Ethernet

“A great picture and flexible enough to fit into the socket on my wall mounted screen.”

Televisions are getting better and they’re getting thinner as well; this means better looking televisions, mounted almost flush against a wall.  It looks great, but fitting a good quality HDMI cable in order to make the most of the improved resolution is almost impossible.

This is why Chord has re-thought their HDMI designs and produced the Chord HDMI Advance, a high performance cable that mixes quality with ease of connection. 

Silver-plated, oxygen free copper conductors are used for critical signal connections - and whilst the new cable is The Chord Company’s most flexible HDMI cable yet - as ever, great attention has been paid to ensuring that the shielding remains just as effective. Die-cast, gold-plated plugs ensure reliability and guarantee maximum connectivity.

The Cable

The Chord Advance HDMI cable uses silver-plated oxygen free copper signal conductors.  Silver-plated conductors are a very good way to carry a high speed signal and this allows us to produce a discreet and very flexible HDMI cable with excellent performance.

The Advance HDMI cable has a diameter of 6 mm and is designed using materials that produce an extremely flexible and easy to install cable.

The Advance HDMI is a high speed 1080p 3D compliant HDMI cable with Ethernet that supports deep colour and all HDMI audio formats

The Plugs

The Chord Advance is fitted with die-cast 24 karat gold-plated plugs.

Use it with

The Chord Advance HDMI was designed to work with the incredibly thin high resolution screens that are appearing.  The need for a high quality HDMI cable has to be balanced against the installation and connecting restrictions that these screens have.  So the Advance really is about quality and flexibility.

Chord Advance HDMI cable

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NYR TU-100ML Horn Loudspeaker

Speaker Horn 20"...

Diameter 20" / panjang 20"

sesuai untuk keguanaan di Sekolah, Masjid atau Surau. 

NYR  Horn TU-100ML Hord Loudspeaker

 Suara KUAT ,boleh pi sampai jauh-jauh.

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Behringer PP400 Phono Preamp

ultra compact phono preamp
PHONO AMP ,Permain piring hitam perlukan alat ini...PHONO preamp ( atua disebut sebagai phono stage)

nak main balik,alat permain piring hitam zaman tok tok,tapi tak ada amp lama-lama , menjadi satu masaalah.kerana amp zaman baru jarang ada "PHONO input" lah^..ada pun ,amp yang harga lebih tinggi.

tapi kalau ada alat Phono preamp ni,hang boleh sambung permain piring hitam amp biasa-biasa mana-mana pun,
 ( speaker multi media komputer pun boleh )

ini kan senang..hahaha..Semoga hibohlah citarasa ikut zaman tok tok..


Converts your phono signal to a line level signal

State-of-the-art phono preamp to accommodate all magnetic pickups

Dedicated RCA and1/4" TRS output connectors

DC 12 V adapter included

High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany


pandangan bawah

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AC 230 V to 12 V DC power adapter


Bada LB5500 hifi power plant

Hifi Line Power Conditioner /

ada 6 socket Universal dan 4 socket US.
dua zon power suis.

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Bada LB5500