Pioneer LX57 AV receiver

9.2-Channel THX® Ultra2 Plus, AIR Studios AV Receiver Featuring Class D (Direct Energy HD) Amplifier with Ultra HD (4K) Upscaling / Pass Through.

Pioneer SC-LX57

Massive Power Meets Great Design
Driven by powerful Class D amplification, the SC-XL57 produces a continuous 190 W output per channel, allowing you to enjoy your music with maximum impact. The SC-LX57 integrates an ESS Technology Inc. SABRE 32bit Ultra DAC, the industry’s benchmark for audio digital-to-analogue conversion, to reproduce music with unsurpassed fidelity. With an Audio Scaler on board even regular CD quality content can be upscaled up to 192 kHz/32 bit to create a “high-resolution” experience. The receiver plays back DSD files, high-resolution AIFF, Apple Lossless, WAV and FLAC files for which gapless playback is supported as well.

Enjoy playback in other rooms via HDZone, a Zone 2 HDMI out for routing either the same signal as the main zone or a separate source to a second zone via HDMI. On top of that you get a digital connection to connect the receiver with your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device (via MHL), and you can enjoy easy-to-operate worldwide internet radio (vTuner) and network streaming via DLNA or Apple AirPlay when you connect via LAN.

A built-in ECO Mode lets you save energy without compromising on sound and video performance. Compatible (free) smartphone/tablet apps include the advanced remote control app iControlAV2013.
Audio Scaler
Pioneer’s latest Audio Scaler technology consists of Hi-bit32, Up-Sampling, and Digital Filter. The Hi-bit32 Audio Signal Processing improves resolution and density, while the Up-Sampling reduces noise. Then the Digital Filter creates soft, natural sound and improves transient response and pre-echo effect. The three features integrate to upscale all 2-channel audio content up to 176.4 kHz/192 kHz 32-bit playback, offering realistic reproduction of the content.
Direct Energy HD Amplifier
The Direct Energy HD Amplifier has further evolved as Class D Amplifier, equipped with the Direct Power FET featuring a simple structure with superior heat dissipation. This year, the digital circuit power supply has been redesigned to provide a clean electric current with reduced noise. The top two models have separated operational amp section and amplifying section with dedicated ICs for minimum interference, while the other AV receivers adopt a directly-coupled IC with precise signal transmission.

iControl AV 2013

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9.2 Channel Direct Energy HD AV Receiver with 9x HDMI, AirPlay, DLNA, 4K Upscaling and MHL for Android


Denon D-M39

Mini Component System

amat sesuai untok bilik yang kecih ^

Denon audio technology expertly combined ...
to produce a smooth, dynamic sound

- European sound-tuned serious hi-fi quality
- “Simple & Straight” circuit design for sound purity and free of coloration
- 30 W + 30 W high power output
- Triple noise reduction design to preserve signal purity
- Short signal path, to optimise performance in sound quality
- Thorough separation of digital and analog sections
- Precision signal ground circuit, to preserve signal purity
- New CD mechanism to reduce CD rotating vibration for clear sound
- Newly designed circuit in the D/A Converter
- Smooth, dramatic sound with negligible distortion
- Robust power circuit providing stable supply of electric current
- Speaker Optimizer circuit for high quality sound with SC-M39 speaker system
- Custom-made capacitors for low-distortion sound
- 2 way 2 speaker system with new 12cm woofer and 2.5cm soft dome high definition tweeter with a ventilation hole
- Newly developed woofer with Aluminum short ring
- High definition tweeter with ventilation hole

- Crossover network, to reproduces the smoothness of natural sound


Power output

- 30 W+30 W (6 ohms, 1 kHz)

Input/Output Terminal

- Analog input x 1
- Digital optical input x 1
- Mono output (Subwoofer) x 1
- USB x 1
- Headphone x 1
- FM antenna x 1


- FM 87.50 MHz – 108.00 MHz
- Preset x 40


- Power supply / AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption / 70 W (Standby: 0.3 W)
- Dimensions / W 210 x H 115 x D 308 mm
- Weight / 4.0 kg


- Type / 2 way 2 speakers
- Drivers / 120 mm woofer, 25 mm soft dome tweeter
- Frequency response / 45 Hz - 40 kHz
- Max power / 60 W (IEC) 120W (PEAK)
- Impedance / 6 ohms
- Dimensions / W 145 x H 238 x D 234 mm
- Weight / 3.5 kg/unit


Naik atas ceiling

Wiring Surround speaker cable nak jalan ikut atas ceiling ^
suhu diatas biasanya amat Panas =_="

Bila kerja nak atas harus berhati-hati. tak boleh pijak suka hati...


BenQ MS616ST

BenQ MS616ST
short throw projector

screen 6 kaki,cuma perlu jarak 6 kaki.

Big Pictures in Small Spaces
The BenQ MS616ST offers the highest display flexibility– giving you a 55” big picture in a mere projection distance of 1 meter! Featuring 2500 ANSI lumen high brightness and 13000:1 high contrast ratio and DLP® Link™ 3D technology, this SVGA projector is the perfect match for small-sized business and education settings!

kanta yang macam mata ikan


Denn DPM700 microphone

Description: Moving Coil Dynamic Microphone
Directional Characteristic: Cardioid-direction
Frequency Response: 80Hz - 13kHz
Impedance: 600ohms  ±30% (At 1kHz)

Sensitivity: -50 ± 3dB
Dimension (mm): 185mm x 50mm
Weight: 3.1kg
Supplied with a 19.5 ft (6m) cable

Made in TAIWAN


Supra LoRad 1.5 CS-BS

Power Cord / Sreened Mains cable
LoRad 1.5 CS-BS

item no: 3004100123

Made in SWEDEN

legth: 1.5m ( 4.9 ft)
color: ice blue

The Lorad Concept
LoRad is a mains flex with patented screening for connection of audio equipment to 230V mains. The screening minimizes the interference from electric alternating fields, protecting from both radiation and pick-up. For cancelling of magnetic alternating fields the LoRad is cabled with a short pitch twisting. LoRad, the only approved screened mains flex. Owing to the patented design the drain wire is eliminated and instead the screen is automatically connected to earth via a green semi-conductive plastic on the earth conductor. This enables the cable to pass the flex test of 2x30,000 bending strokes without damage, for safety approval, whereas a drain wire would cut through the insulations during the test. The LoRad is very flexible owing to the multiwire conductors. Each conductor is made of 320 tin plated copper wires. 

  • LoRad stands for Low Radiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields
  • The screen protects your equipment from radiated mains noise and from RF oick-up.
  • Short pitch twisting of the cores cancels the magnetic alternating fields.
  • This will result in a cleaner sound and more accurate transients.

MC-BS Mains Plug Male

MC-BS Mains Plug Male
Gold plated pins. Takes cable diameter up to 11mm.
Available for different standards:
MC-BS for British standard. 

SWF-10/s Female Connector

SWF-10/s Female Connector
Slim version. 10A. IEC-320. Gold plated terminations. 
Accepts a cable dia. up to mm. 
Fits MCH10 male chassis connector.

LoRad 1.5 & 2.5

Safety approved in compliance with HD 21.5 S3

LoRad Screened Mains Flex, Patented LoRad stands for Low Radiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields. Protects your equipment from radiated mains noise as well as from RF pick-up.
The screen protects from the electric fields and the short pitch twisting protects from and cancels the magnetic fields. This will typically result in a cleaner sound and more accurate transients, which in turn give you a tighter bass, better 3-Demension presence and stereo definition. Closer to the truth.
Besides this, the human health aspect should be considered. It is scientifically proven that magnetic alternating fields affect the human cell growth. 

Supra LoRad Screened Mains Flex
The one and only approved for flex applications.
A Swedish world patent

• Hi-Fi and studio systems
• Medical equipments
• Measurement and laboratory equipments
• For people sensitive to electric/magnetic radiation
• In any application where electric/magnetic interference is critical


Bepro KMA-8800

KMA-8800 Karaoke amplifier
Karaoke amplifier

Made in Taiwan


Embedded the BBE Engine Processor.


Equipped with wireless remote control and externally wired input control.

Output power 135Wx2(8ohm).

Width 43cmxHeight 13.5cmx Depth 41cm

Net weight 12.5kg

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